Wholesale Vinyl Bumper Sticker: River Otter

Wholesale Vinyl Bumper Sticker: River Otter

Sale price $2.50 Regular price $6.00

Wholesale minimum: 6*

This extra big sticker featuring my watercolor painting of a River Otter is made of a durable vinyl, laminated to protect against scratches, rain, and sun. It measures 11.5" inches long and has a matte finish. It is bumper sticker sized and can be used on cars, bicycles, laptops, etc.

 This item is loose with no packaging.

 *Quantity is limited, as long as this listing is posted there will be at least 6 available for wholesale. If more than 6 are ordered, we'll fulfill if possible!

Wholesale pricing is only available to approved retailers, if you order without being approved by us your order may be subject to cancellation and refunded. For personal purchases please go through the main shop.

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